Would you like access to world class business coaching to help you grow your profits, at a price that you can afford? Then it’s time to join the Hive!!

Perhaps at this stage you’re wondering, Is the Hive really for me? I’d like to grow my business, but …
Well that’s a great question to ask. In fact, it’s the right question. As a savvy business owner, it makes sense to check things out.
So if you’re considering joining the Hive, here are some answers to questions that most people have at this point. You judge for yourself whether the Hive really is your opportunity to develop & grow your business.

What sorts of businesses join the Hive?

All sorts actually – businesses both large and small.
For instance, we have one person who has enrolled in the Hive who owns multiple service industry businesses which he has franchised across the country. At the same Hive, there are several sole traders and other business owners in the early start-up stage. We see a broad range of business types enrolled – retail, IT, personal services, real estate, printing, trades, the list goes on … it’s a complete cross section of businesses. Even some banks have enrolled their representatives.
What that tells us is that the coaching that business owners receive at the Hive is applicable right across the board. And that’s great news for you.

What does the business coaching actually cover?”

The coaching sessions give you practical, ‘implementable’, rubber-hits-the-road strategies to grow your business. We deal with many different topics – covering sales and marketing, financial management, the changing market, staffing and human resource management, leadership … all the sorts of things you need to help grow your business.

We call it wisdom that works.

That’s how things work at the Hive. Meaty, practical coaching followed by a practical workshop session to apply what you’ve just learned to your business – so that you can go back to work and make it happen!

Now that’s what we call ‘business coaching’ … at the Hive!