The Top 3 Reasons Why Brilliant Ideas Fail

Have you ever had a brilliant idea that just flopped? Oh good – it’s not just me then! So … welcome to the club. Okay – why do our “brilliant ideas” fail sometimes?

Well here are the top 3 reasons and what you can do about them …

Reason #1 – Because You Just Didn’t Listen

Some of us aren’t naturally good listeners. (I’ll put my hand up to that one!) So we have a great idea – we’re utterly amazed at our brilliance and without further ado we race out and start doing it. But … is the timing right? Are we just seeing it from our perspective, or have we taken all the other angles into account? Do we perhaps have a blind spot? Are we missing something?

Any one of those can bring even the best “brilliant idea” unstuck.

I’ve seen it so often. A business spends a fortune on advertising campaign that’s all about them and nothing about the positive impact that their product will have on their customers. FLOP!

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt! If only I’d really thought about it first. If only I’d asked around to see what others thought. Oh well, maybe next time …

[box]Solution #1:
Get the wax out of your ears, stick your pride in your pocket and actively seek out wise counsel.[/box]

Reason #2 – Because While Your Idea was Great Your Execution was Lousy

Sometimes we can be great at having a brilliant idea, but be flawed in our execution. Maybe we’re just not prepared to put in the hard yards over weeks, months … years to become an “overnight success”. Or maybe the idea is a bit bigger and a bit more complicated than we first thought. When that happens, it turns out that we can be good at some parts of the execution, but in other areas, we’re left wanting.

My passion is communicating – I write and produce hundreds of radio programs each year. But let me tell you, if it wasn’t for a woman called Joy in our office, the 1000+ radio stations who air those programs across 160 countries would never receive a single radio program to play. The complexity involved and the precision required are way beyond me. Without Joy to build the complex production and distribution systems and make them work week after week, those radio programs would’ve been just another brilliant idea … that failed.

[box] Solution #2:
Surround yourself with people you who are good at the 
things that you’re not good at.[/box]

Reason #3 – Because it was Always Meant to “Fail”

Now there’s an unhappy thought!

What do you mean my brilliant idea was always meant to fail?! Get out of here!

Turns out that sometimes, we have a cock-eyed view of success. We think that success is about winning; it’s about me getting what I want and you getting what you want; it’s about other people looking at us and saying … Wow, aren’t they successful! And yet if I hadn’t skinned my knee as a lad when I fell off my bike (doing something stupid!) I’d never have learned to ride the bike properly.

Sometimes … sometimes things happen to us – in business and in life – that don’t feel so much like “success” and yet those are the very things that are going to develop our character, grow our maturity, turn us into far more capable performers. And without those important “failures” built into our journey, we’d never learn the lessons we so need to learn and we’d never become the people we have the potential to be.

[box] Solution #3:
Enjoy the ride, learn the lesson, pick yourself up and in your new-found wisdom, go have another brilliant idea!